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I think I love you enough

Singer: Kelly Chan Album: Andy Lau,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, I think I love you enough B search " I think I love you enough " MP3 print preview I love you song: Xie Mingyou lyrics: Xie Mingyou: Ted Lo I think I love you enough I never forget myself not so engrossed so I will suffer a big think I love you enough I forgot your use feeling could not again have to resign oneself to one's fate in the night without the moon couldn't close my eyes because you will appear in the sky or the heart can not be endless place cannot into the crowd because of lonely will wake up I lose I love you this duet between men and women to express my present situation.

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Season Review post heroic sacrifice

Appendix 05 Season Reviews: de: Post heroic sacrifice (a) one thousand seven hundred and thirty years ago, Nobumayu came to the war with the most intense wide Wushan mountains monument surviving, East Xiang Yu zhunbing land, West Liu Bang and the intermediate phase, separated by one hundred step, runs a wide Wu Jian in the face of stream water, Mimi base city, lax, the mighty wind, Yela mountain, Ruan by wandering for a long time, with a sigh: " no hero, to succeed by luck! " this sigh somehow came into the world, thousands of years people visits became a hero, wound with the common aspiration.
2005 June, spurs and the piston meet in the finals, the Celtics and Lakers reappears after 18 years on the two championship fight a decisive battle scenes, each persons eyes brimming with radiating vigour, what is imbued with supreme heroism? What is history? What is the mainstay? What is the great great people in the hero, debt? After the Jordan times are hungry looking, but mediocre seven field after the battle, they again found, those magnificent fight, those carving the hearts of the people hero finally gone for ever.
Nineteen ninties, people used to call As a true hero ,true in troubled times, show a number of be worthy of the name of the Carter Center ,spread over a strong player will to fight, the popularity of &quot ;the winner is king ,where &quot ;or logic .
Even the unfamiliar streets desolate street ,also because worship tremor and close pay attention to the heavy day ,Jordan wings on the Union for many years has been obscured ,needless to say ,and the 1994 7battlewith this year finals but also a difference of several social equal level .
That year Ewing in the eastern finals by 4 ∶3 out of Pippinled Ewing roared :bull .&quot ;I don Michael ,but I beat the bulls .&quot ;several years depressed depressed for discharge ,while the rocket Olajuwon had reached the peak of life ,he swept the regular season NBA Finals MVP ,MVP and defensive player of the year ,so far ,no second to two heroes launched .
Was found to be 90 inthe true sense of the only finals ,kill a murky sky over a dark earth ,sun and moon light .The defensive attack process rigorous ,hard ,twists, the shocking scenes ,have reached the life ball on the nature of the peak of the war ,classic heights ,Olajuwon will finally Starks Shooting cover ,to win a championship .
But this year finals seemingly prosperity, but can not cover up the missing heroes hypocritical nature ,Duncan and Ginobili MVP contend for will be the Post-Heroic era of disorder and confusion thoroughly exposed .
Seven finals to chastity overall opposite the ruthless Duncan ,with half space MVP the Ginobili that is a flash of inspiration ,four field at more than ten points always lets the human not bear to hear ,that was supposed to have a few brave and heroic ,but in a standoff ,both look at a loss ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com and develops into the &quot,cannot see half excited.
Maybe Texas strong wind is wind passion the Auburn palace hall ,Detroit to see Dodger miscellaneous violence sway after the fall ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,now that both sides as in the wind the dazed strumming Hu eggplant ,so fans heart still can only echo &quot ;no hero &quot ;the sound of sorrow .
Even so ,also for the 2005amemorial .( two) the Lakers. After heroic period appears easily combined ,one of the most famous and most tragic is the OK portfolio ,including full of wit and personality and relatively isolated Kobe and O ,three consecutive Albert adumbrative Lake Third Dynasty more brilliant ,but it is sadly sign is when the big four hands empty ,Kobe and O genius combination for the city of angels ,the people have even others looked very bitter ,which have more force to deal with family outside of the numerous long Yu .
When Kobe and bath O discarded, the Lakers had the trustful value coordinate has collapsed .The alienation OK combination ,the Lakers playoff became empty and dimly discernible look ,the departure of O ,took the Lakers in the League not hunting down flag ,also make the king Hucheng a short-lived be beside oneself with fear Dynasty.
Bath along with his Lakers together defeated, lost in the endless friction body. This is among the most pathetic to the number of those two on the championship rings a little complex frustrated scholar ,they attract OK combination of brilliant ,when OK combination after the fall ,these frustrated socialite became a invisible mocking ,miserable soul ,than the decline of the dynasty died worse .
When Kobe would not hesitate to use his wife even old Malone return to the road ,what the person knows ,this dynasty is no number ,three consecutive set off by the shop The wind had blown a yellow ,purple and gold from Yin and heavy, evilness.
The Celtics. On the Celtics ,I have been afraid to write ,even dare to write ,not even to listen to ,don .Sometimes I even suspected 59 to66 years ofeight really existed, if not suspected ,I must other contemporaries suspected many teams and characters.
The lack of a miracle appeared big miracle years ,flourished ,commander Beller of the Lakers, &quot &quot ;two attack ;founder Bob Petit to lead the Saint Louis hawks ,Hal Grier led the Syracuse nationals and Oscar Robertson the Bucks.
1961 - 1962,Oscar Robertson 30.8 points ,12.5 rebounds,11.4 assists.These amazing three double team record is not a game of be prompted by a sudden impulse ,but in that year in the 79 regular season gamesis the sum of the average value.
But those with the Celtics ,and so are not worth mentioning .Celtic is simply too strong ,to make all other teams flee pell-mell before ,feel a heartfelt admiration .The reason why I don ,is because I gently look at ,also can contrast I used The other prominent team mediocre mediocrity ,on the other side it seems to have become accustomed to .
The mighty air costs a piece of the glint and flash of cold steel ,the other team value is the side of the road a few stems bacillus ,basic life rights is just by the whirlpool several foam .
Times NBA60 yearshistory ,the Celtics have become champions and stars pronoun .16 championshipand no one can ,8 consecutiveAlbert have no predecessors ,none ever after ,* * number as many as 20, Bob Cusi ,Bill Sharman ,Russell ,Dave Cos ,Kevin ,John Havlicek ,Mike hale ,Robert Parish ,Larry Bird and &quot ;cardinal Auerbach ,as &quot ;a strange wind ,had blown over ,let the whole earth retaining its panic and memory .
Now the Celtics is &quot ;pretty heartless dark change frequency ,a jejunal off .&quot ;45wins 37 of the negativethe Atlantic division first team overall decline could not hide the fact ,Payton &quot &quot ;gloves ;is no longer a go-anywhere magic.
This abnormal first lost tangible normal temperature ,soon fight at outrance struggle He was washing, reduction ,reduction of the year be kept constantly on the run for the playoffs the downfallen division team Nicks Nicks remains in the doldrums ,sigh letting a person more than, former basketball inevitable step to the places of historic interest and scenic beauty ,maybe Nicks is too conceited, former Walter Fraser -- the history of the NBA first &quot ;glide &quot development ;and Reed fought the purple and gold classic has become a broken dream ,Black Pearl &quot ;&quot ;Monroe amazing hit rate and otherworldly like magic rib attack again blocked the Lakers dynasty exploits also disappear in smoke ,and Patrick Ewing and Riley jagged combination brings the garden also goes not scream and blood to return ,but Nicks is still not clear.
They never seem to noble farewell, the external environment changing ,but the heart of the noble but is as firm as a rock, no erosion . As time goes by ,Nicks always find updates potential and optimistic side ,Marbury Alan .
Houston ,Crawford ,Malik Ross ,Curt Thomas ,Taylor ,sweet ,they fight ,but is the only achieved 33 wins 49 of the negative record,season After the race was once their hopes ,but whether Marbury &quot ;the first guard &quot ;self calls again ,hope can only hope ,and it is a kind of extravagant hopes.
Sir. Think of jazz ,can not think of Stockton 19 years offaithful judge and horse dragon champion complex took home. When Jazz them by repeated gorgeous Diaozha roll and God captain bull two century battle ,will be a section of the legend into our memory .
.19 consecutive playoffs ,let we almost can be &quot ;Peter Maaravich &quot hand gun ;a feat completely forgotten ,and then 76 yearsof meticulous care in Lord Beller aside .But ,when the Jazz eventually rises up in the Delta Center sky ,when Malone &quot ;four kings &quot ;life failure in tears and Kobe couple sinister smile sound at the end ,we start to their mouth pain.
In former days brilliant is no longer a tangible ,specific moving, but with no reality whatever things ,people ,perhaps because of the injuries to Boozer Kirilenko and jazz nightmare again and again, Schneider ,Macleod ,Henry price, the strange face Hole struggle incapably, Mehmet Okur open hands like Lassels that desperate hand ,let a person who not only a powerful era with a strong English over the opening, and to lay a final punctuation is always some strange Yuanhun .
76team:proceed without hesitation choice ,does not necessarily achieve the ideal other shore .Choose Webb as evidenced by Iverson by the guard to play point guard ,and Iguodala and Webb 76 decision-makinglayer of the abacus was self-evident .
But once again they failed to reach the expected level. In fact ,76 person of teamsince 2000 will bedifficult in the eyes of the people ,is always a lone hero drifting alone and predation ,death is inevitable .
To their death ,who are unwilling to talk about .2000 years old account when the incident. The finals has ,in recent years, Mutombo ,Coleman ,Thomas ,snow run to make the team strength is weakened, has made people interest .
This move everyone about Webb when the quiet backwater ,Adidas Wings love no glory unloading robes,as well ,doesn have much social billows .We cannot blame Webb ,people are fragile ,from the physical structure to the nervous system is.
Several years of knee wound and suspicion look have He squeezed into a continuous moaning and not much, if any eyes .Is timidity ?Vulgar ?Or really not capable ?We do not want to guess ,if Webb is a mistake, we can only allow decision makers to 76teaminto the disorder and confusion.
The forest wolf champion determination ,patience ,solidarity ,calm was gone ,replaced by crazy suspicion ,anxiety ,confusion ,threatened ,this is the 2004 westernrunner wolves in 2005encounter.
The former who believe in the lineup of do not adjust circumstances, the strength of preservation of the wolves will be the season champion powerful contention .Everything experiences like legend ,lost in the supersonic ,MVP is still the standard with the wolf out of regret ,only a short while ago we have lamented after seven years to finally break through the playoff first run bottle will be the beginning of a new era, but the Timberwolves gave everybody plays the joke, our confidence gradually from the start of the believe no doubt to half doubt ,to despair undoubtedly.
Li Ao said :&quot ;be strong ,Nike Air Force 1 High China face,many die ;do a weak ,many do not live.&quot ;finally in the venerable wolves in the external social classics weft change sharply weakened situation ,like the Lakers As civil unrest .
Sprey Weil died contract issues ,Szczerbiak on the bench role dissatisfaction ,Sanderson scapegoat type was copied ,Cassel ,the wolves season while stumbling ,insanity. On the madman, Cassel and Szczerbiak, at first sight is ready to take refuge in who ,who ,who ,to betray betray who ,in fact they never have a team concept ,just behind the actual gain, in order to gain ,what morality, humanity ,the credibility of promise ,pledge ,have completely abandoned ,sense of shame ,disgrace upon sympathy ,may one one aside ,44wins and 38 losses,two ninth ,at the beginning of the season of the words and ambitions finally be skeptical and petty bickering instead.
The calf had calf is China love teams ,like today Houston rockets ,this results from Chinese hard Chinese complex ,no matter Chinese soldiers leave and stop ,the Mavericks in recent years performance was disappointing ,center of the weak is always winding in the old Nelson and &quot ;general &quot ;Johnson was a nightmare.
If you knew he was there chronic illness but can never put things right once and for all to do the operation ,the Pain is not the nerve can bear .5 years,Cuban has become NBA sent most money boss ,but the money is still can put into the investment center .
Dampier talk wildly ,could not conceal his foul which essence. Although the Mavericks narrowly eliminated the Rockets ,but I know that many fans and Van Gundy will be on NBA referee for repeated simple scolding and accusations ,although some people will celebrate hate Yao Ming ,but this is not important ,I think Yao Ming and Maddie would be more active ,more active way ,in the victory of the essence of Zhao in noble and humble strict boundaries.
( three) :Rocket rockets hope from a holistic metabolism .Yao Eph combination just two years after the end of the experiment ,Olajuwon soup died in Yao Ming was the only person.
And Yao Ming is just entering the Tangmen then farewell boss .In appointing Van Gundy, rockets completely the dream era came to an end .In their eldest child ,Cato exchange to McGrady ,rocket ambition will be completely bared there and then ,although the Rockets guard and forward to a year after suffering from disease ,and Van Gundy in the duo high pick-and-roll also exist Be accused of ,be aggressive ,but it cannot doubt rocket in the progress of the overall strength of the.
51 wins and 31 losses,the Rockets get western fifth .Seven battle ,its wonderful far beyond the boring finals .If not in front of the rocket ,I would eventually fall must be the Mavericks.
How many years ,American has on Chinese betting great disdain and distrust ,the Atlanta Olympics prohibited drugs in the shadow of a doubt has not yet dispersed, and the new shadow and noise.
Therefore ,special hope home to give Yao Ming a more relaxed environment ,external the despised as a gift ,newborn the rocket will have to teeter before do calm atmosphere ,in order to win logistics is curtain .
The piston and regal New York ,gorgeous bright compared to Losangeles ,Detroit the national each city car ever be brutal and ruggedness. Here, goodness is useless alias ,compassion is the weak moan ,here don believe tears ,also refused to charity and sympathy ,a benevolent and kind countenance here than devils more confusing ,the stranger pingbai without smile necessary for watchful eye of God.
The piston ,from saliva on the day since the formation of Their style ,advocating their strength not evade wild and savage fighting style ,in the eyes of their main tactic is the &quot ;doubles &quot ;a play by play ,and the machine beat rival savage and wild combination never sway with violence.
Bill Lan Bill effortless when bird &quot ;&quot ;technical knockout ,chief of &quot ;&quot ;Parrish generous revenge by referee relentless suspensions, while &quot ;smiling assassin &quot ;Thomas to his friend &quot &quot ;the magician ;Johnson friendly kiss immediately after being coming to blows ,in order to win, he never mind and an additional in a boxing match ,and in 2005 the Auburn Hills palace wars will be basketball brawl brawl in the push to the summit .
The right and wrong already do not need us pay more attention ,but the stability and performance of piston so people had to register profound respect ,admire this park is close to the ugly team.
54 wins and 28 losses,in beat the heat ,the piston still by overlooking posture watched numerous living beings in the East . The sun for 5.2 seconds,Jordan left the world a cannot be repeated trapeze classic ,injury of God is the desperate Russell and old postman ;3.
9 seconds,Parke Sen classic made heavy tank &quot ;&quot ;Barkley lifelong struggle off color. When Barkley hand back office latent tears ,the sun began to witness the Bulls swept to the union of the ruins and pain.
Lost Cone Hawkins to send Barkley ,again at the Kidd and Marbury rotation of several lost when the Mavericks for Nash ,no longer holds not discouraged ,sun reconstruction project finally completed, Stoudemire ,Quentin Richardson ,Marion ,Nash ,Johnson ,the fast break and positional warfare to tremor of the team to the League first throne .
There is no specific damage ,no more difficult to express grievances ,while in the the construction of the blame on the bench for the sun eventually lost to the Spurs ,but who gave Duncan the shots even through the vicissitudes of time will never diffuse with .
62 wins and 20 losses,Barkley was too,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme, but the sun is always permanent receded from the tragedy color ,emit dazzling. Bulls 47- 35negative,bull brought to us, not the old Dynasty remnant dream ,not Bo Yu blood ,but a firm pace ,deep eyes ,it seems we will see red horn crack powers ridge Breaking strength sent from a network such as noise.
The Bulls Dynasty rise again, let us surprise ,although now the Bulls still did not have any is one player we put more passion ,Nike Air Force 1 Premium,&quot ;have sailed the seven seas for water, except Wushan not cloud &quot ;,hero left team will be more lonely .
Although we are still in my heart so many times to call it, over the past few years no teams like the Bulls received so many of us s reduction, but returned to the us so much tired ,provoke us so much expectation ,it brings us endless sigh ,but with Kirk Hinrich, with Chandler, there is the hope of revival ,let us for the Jordan Times bull pray.
Knight Knight ultimately outs to regret ,this is a lack of age of the gods ,while we admire the knight and the hero is only from the martial arts novels to find .We are now a lot of life plights that only God I miss a sculpture and desire for God to go there again ,refused to transcendent and desire to be great complement each other ,this one features across borders ,across age ,as an era forever full of life against Lun topic for people in turn was.
See God second comeback after the desperate hardships, we are more reluctant to let the idol in our heart be any desecration ,there is little emperor James ,landscaping movement inevitable let him become the scenery infinite, boundless potential nova ,but Knight began efforts to let us see the shadow ,never say die the number 23 shirt worn on the little emperor who was so fit .
42wins and 40 losses,the eastpart part ninth ,the emperor led the Cavaliers to evaluation and more where you a good lesson .The heat in the NBA by O also began dominated the world .O at the age of 33 are still using thestrength demonstrate that you are either single-handedly changes union pattern .
And it is only when Mccann ,Russell ,Zhang Dashuai can do ,King not arrogant, but finally returned to the atmosphere and pigmentation .The Eastern Conference finals in injured and running under the condition of shortage ,if it had not been for these problems plague ,&quot ;flash &quot ;and &quot &quot ;shark ;combination can go farther.
59wins and 23 losses,the first ,Adidas Porsche Design,O so the let it go now ,with a sigh ,integrity ,personal integrity ,and fight ,Run, all became self ,life meaning what ?That many of the world history is not written with great eloquence ,be full of sound and colour ,there is a big part of the reason is that the representative figure always malignant conflict.
O after this incident ,eyes have become very far .The nets in the view of Carter ,Carter : not the best choice ,but stay in raptors is undoubtedly the most poor choice .Once the Raptors came to doubt whether his character ,revealed coach infantry intention we can make nothing of it ,but the transfer after Carter let us rejoice.
If the 2000 Olympic Gamesacross the French giant Fred startled day buckle has become the recollection ,riding in the stone shoulder one-handed dunk. Have digestion ,so now Carter returned to many former glory ,just let us feel his life value to confirm, in the Kidd and Jefferson after the injury ,the beast Martin sentenced from home ,Carter was the nets have made 42 wins and a good record of the 40 negative .
( four) the eagle ,the Millennium bad team always get out of vicious circle .The Hornets after a year after the rise and back ,return to degenerate. Is the same 18 wins and 64 losses,the Bobcats won 18 appearedabnormal glow, except for only one year to play the show champion Austria Kafu ,the rest of the players are the other team in the League after outlining the defective ,but the Bobcats without the slightest complaint ,they be conscientious and do one play, the rolling beads of sweat is hard to make up for their own strength differ by several equivalent class .
This group of boys with the greatest hard to compete the minimum target ,their success not to see them with no seat ,in their there after the eagles and wasp ,and in front of them not far away was so familiar giants .
The Bucks ,the Lakers ,jazz ,Nicks. When these former strong power station has abstract as a broken dream ,when a playoff team still had the edge and so on ,we can say too much on the Bobcats ?Wizards and supersonic turning reliable is crazy offensive technique and tactics, Arenas ,Lewis ,Ray Allen are middle distance jump shot players ,and the overall ability to score well .
While attacking teams up the defense, defensive bad enough to make the true team before being independent .In the playoffs to win easily ,difficult. The king and the Pacers last year relative to have Marked a step backward ,but the two also vary .
The king defeat was encountered as the same internal friction. The Pacers lost can be said to be sudden death ,in Okuyama mountain artificial violence, the Pacers this season life has come to an end .
Death ,behoove .Although walkers still with 44 wins30 of the negative recordin the playoffs ,but no Artest Walker did not feared . The king by trickery and means to win the opponent supersonic ,but did not think of the supersonic did not imagine that in can rub pinch soft persimmon.
In fact, head to the Deva and Webb, Adelman Has been playing to the end of the final moments of the outbreak .The warrior people sigh ,11 years have notseen in warrior 8 win.Besides the warriors in 12 gameswith 11competitorsare strong, with two wins two wins the king ,even the sun ,fire arrows ,supersonic.
Byron Dabbs said :&quot ;we just want to shake up the league .So strong performance ,the warriors really worth looking forward to .&quot ;the Raptors with Carter has been completely out of the sight of people.
The Blazers and the Los Angeles Clippers still live in an awkward position ,the Blazers is now more people ,not used The muscular hunk team .The clippers ,talk about it even I feel boring .
The Nuggets and grizzly bears this two years has been the Rockets a bugbear ,and rockets in the playoffs as wandering edge . Perhaps this two years, our rocket their position is too low ,so it will be of gold and grizzly bears deep deposit hostility ,but when the Lakers dynasty and declined after the wolves from ,we are relieved ,two team defeat ,may benefit more than the Rockets ,the Nuggets 49wins and 33 lossesand the Grizzlies 45wins and 37 losses,sufficient to ensure that they enter the playoffs .
Suddenly remembered the magic ,because magic with our love .The boss. The out of long &quot ;Jordan Grant Hill ,successor to &quot ;I don bet what religion ,magic fall in its boss never jam team mainstay loss, never change not rash and short-sighted behavior of.
1996 "and &quot &quot magic planes ;O ;penny Hardaway &quot ;two people entering the arena ,will get general turmoil in eastern ,Eastern finals and Jordan rate adjacent bull Huashan books, full vigor .
But as O ,the magic is no longer heavily to retain, but sharks to the lake ,the &quot &quot ;penny ;fight a lone battle ,averaged more than 30 points,but the first round is still being cleaned ,then Starryland bleak .
Two score king Maddie leaving is a repeat of this tragedy, Francis ,Cato Hill ,this group of players out of the deal was transferred to sell to the latitude and longitude ,36wins and 46 lossesthe record is inevitable .
( five) this is a lack of the age of heroes ,and writing became lonely review and narrative ,Adiads Porsche Design,feeling so far ,with a sense of loss, we might expect itself is a tragedy of desire ,Duncan may ,James Yao Ming ,the name will be combined into a loud ,but can a man ?Just one ,even though he can put three big duo standoff for harsh conditions for the promotion of more demanding ,God can do all the joints are consider again to the extreme ,but as long as it can let us review the former hero passion on it.
I he recalled Su Dongpo Ruan Ji live on the interpretation of &quot ;no, no injury Liu ,a side ,they refer to the human ear .&quot ;lonely sigh started Putian covers the legendary swordsman ,Guangling has become loose .

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For the precious net how to solve books printed in excess capaci

Books and printing production capacity excess is a long-standing historical problems. In how to transfer excess production capacity issues,Fluent master question, the enterprise has two kind of worry: A is not easy to form and production capacity to " " to do something else, if production business is busy, not be taken by surprise,To feel not good enough in winter,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, disrupt the structure of production.
Two these excess production capacity is " professional " have proficiency in a particular line workers, in the books and periodicals printing plant in addition to the " " books work no expertise.
Really want workers to " " else, business at the crossroads, it really did not want " " good. As everyone knows, dozens of newspapers every price only 1 yuan or so, printing but also from the allocation to how much? A glossy magazines but also sold 10 yuan a reduction, nowadays advertising, magazine involved not say, the printing plant of the how to do? Books by multimedia impacts,Adidas Jeremy Scott, press the bad days, the printing plant in more one can imagine.
If printed books in proportion to the enterprise again,Adiads Porsche Design, bring heavy burden, do not have enterprise structural adjustment is no way out. Therefore, seek new economic point of growth and new development wayA pressing matter of the moment of printing enterprises.
Publications printing enterprises first we should change the management idea, from the actual market demand, according to oneself enterprise characteristic, seek new development way. For example, a small print run, short cycle more and more books,Air Force One Shoes, even the enterprises internal information must therefore fast printing, personalized printing needs prompt increased, the publications printing enterprises is not an opportunity? Printing enterprises only cater to the social needs, change development way, companies will be able to fight our way out.
In addition, the inventory problem, can actually change the thinking inventory has two meanings, one is the product inventory, two is the raw material inventory in printing enterprises first the problem does not exist, because as the single construction, must have the inventory and customer inventory.
Second inventory is to presswork the enterprise hides also cannot hide the inventory. In order to normal production, enterprises have to supply raw materials, to meet production needs. This is long formed a production practice.
But now there is a word, called &quot " zero inventory; if the printing enterprises to change a thinking,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, adjust inventory structure, is it right? The enterprise is a new scope of operation. To achieve zero inventory, but also for theBusinesses save money? Borrow chicken to lay an egg is not impossible.
In circulation enterprises also have a word called " agent distribution, is " logistics department give you door-to-door distribution of supplies, even when not in use the Treasury, directly to the workshop.
Jiangxi provincial publishing group company printed textbooks for primary and secondary schools is to use agent distribution system, as long as the operation appropriate, is a win-win solution. But some people can't see it, feel the heart is not practical, even if be cheated.
This is not actually strange also, forms a few years old experience,The thirty-second chapter, overnight zero inventory, there is little used book printing enterprises. Is not out of circles, the key problem lies in thinking.

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The crisis makes people miss the good governance -- 2009 Nobel P

Research of economics in the ivory tower as a pleasurable occupation ,still based on reality to achieve the social burden of economist ,Dog food price comparison......What kind of good.,has been controversial. Adhere to the pure economics means of their scientific advocate, but from the reality of science may not be meaningful.
As this year Nobel Prize in physics awarded to human society to benefit directly from the light the father ,this year prize in economics also went to &quot ;governance of the father (mother) &quot ;.
And this is this precarious economy world most need. Crisis because people forget the good governance needs. The so-called governance ,is through certain institutional arrangements to reasonably define the parties involved in the rights and responsibility ,in order to achieve the optimal allocation of resources.
This award-winning University of California at Berkeley professor Williamson has focused on the economic organization of research ,and the system of economic organization management theory ;and the Indiana University Professor Ostrom has concentrated on public governance research ,tries to put forward the public areas of the effective governance mechanism .
All of these are in order to let this society to become more efficient .In particular need to affirm ,the two scholars are not school , focus on reality ,and based on reality ,to study the problems of their own.
And these two scholars are not superstitious mathematical model, but much more emphasis on the play of economic reality to refine their sentiment ,the theoretical thinking and logic .Williamson on the economic organization of influence and Ostrom on public governance effects are very huge ,revolutionary ,and in two professor of theory to social practice to produce tremendous effect .
For example Williamson for mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance ;Ostrom for public organization change ,Air Force One Shoes,are real, rather than empty talk .From them,Adidas Jeremy Scott, can learn to how to learn in order to practise .
Look from academic origin ,the two men are affected by Coase influence ,it is the believers .Williamson called the New Institutional Economics ( NIE ) representative personage, is thanks to its systematic concept of transaction cost ,and this concept is applied to all kinds of economic organization ,which makes the NIE transaction cost the branch of economics that is able to build and develop ,and also makes the new institutional economics to system ,and the successful invasion of other social sciences.
Although many scholars on William Shemsen transaction cost theory quite censure ,but these criticisms, mostly concentrated in the idea is difficult to model .But in practice use, Williamson appears very outstanding ,its transaction cost economics and even become an important part in management .
In Williamson theory ,situation is very simple. Mm market intermediate organization mm level, this is the reality that we see organization of the state ,regardless of the economic organizations and other types of organizations are so.
These different tissues can be regarded as the economic activities of the governance mechanism .It at a specific choice in economic activity which kind of governance mechanism ,depending on its transaction cost.
An elected governance mechanism is the mechanism of transaction cost is the lowest ,The rules of football!That .This may be a sign that Williamson of kernel .And Ostrom theory is more simple ,basically is the main idea of the NIE is in the public domain in the application ,actually thought, its innovation is less ,but not Williamson.
The public domain change ,Mood,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,then the outstanding contribution .But Ostrom theory are more biased in economics and political science and public administration organic knot In the economic realm ,so basically do not have much impact.
As for our country, on the two of them particularly familiar with .Williamson from the age of eighty had come under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in lectures ,content is the transaction cost economics, the lecture was published as economic research data ,becomes the influence of two generations of the textbook .
The two generation now mainly in about 50 years old and forty years old, in the lectures ,with most of the new institutional economics analysis of Chinese believers ,and almost all economic phenomena adopted this theory.
And direct and ecbolic is the Beijing Institute of economics ,the then Chinese New Institutional Economics center ,Adiads Porsche Design,at the time of the the center has the best domestic economists and young .
I about this detail .Ostrom in the field of public administration is more well-known .Their ideas in domestic spread benefited from the school of Public Policy & Management Renmin University of China professor Mao Shoulong, he worked in the United States during the visit and study under Professor Ostrom ,http://deadidasporschedesign.com,and directly after returning to the theory and practice of China trying to combine.
Its direct push biological is later Jiuding Institute of public affairs, added later .UNITA China University of Political Science and Law professor Wang Jianxun is Ostrom Chinese student.
I very fortunate and day and tripods are relatively close to the Unirule Institute ,and the member of Academic Committee, to the most sincere feelings Williamson and Ostrom thought in the domestic transmission process and reality.
I and Mr. Mao Yushi ,Tsinghua Jia Xijin professor and others based on the day had been working very hard trying to build China public management to observe and measure theory and practice ,with a view to promoting China public management movement.
Social care is a scholar is also our aim .To see their familiar theory is recognized ,the excitement shows between the lines .We down the feelings at the moment .To propitiate the so many years of hard work.

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Person teaches printing plate Chinese idiom 183 idioms

, a ::hate can love .Love and hate position and attitude is very clear .For example: he is very confused ,and very painful ,I ~ ,strong and independent small eyes will feel about &quot ;&quot ; two .
Safe and sound :Sound :disease refers to the original peace without disease . Now extensive self-explanatory for peace without damage. Example: for every new year a affairs office with disabilities aged ,Zhu streamers, the sun moon star of the text, in the East Court ,we will be safe and sound .
three spoil things by excessive enthusiasm :Metaphor in violation of the objective law that the thing develops ,be anxious for success ,but bad. Example: that regardless of whether students accept the cramming method of teaching method ,equivalent .
four travel over land and water :Bashan :over the mountains by foot ;wading ,wade through the river water .Tramp over mountains and through ravines ,waded across the river .Describe a long way to go hard .
For example: the same youth ,of the same age, people ~ ,to change the motherland be poor and blank look and feel great happiness . five not :could not boring. Example: this thing is really lost .
six display slight skill before an expert :in front of Luban brandish axe .Metaphor in front of experts show ability ,not volume .Example: the smell of Deting Pavilion sister learned ,how ~ with his sister ,Blah .
( Qing emperor Li Ruzhen mirror back in fifty-second ) seven :stir up enmity fiddle :pick pull .To take someone else passed, deliberately pick pull ,or behind the chaos to add comment ,the dispute over the status of three kinds of nuns .
Example: stir up enmity ,inside and out ,he does not trouble .( see Li Ruzhen. Flowers in the mirror eight twelfth ) become aggravated :Li :fierce .More development than the original .
things than would have been more serious. Example: sentences from the justice in a two pulled out a two characters to play ,rather than interpret out of context ,really ~ .( Zhu Ziqing classics platitude .
The book of songs ) fourth nine :change unpredictably change :change can not be measured. Many changes, can not be expected .Example: my &quot ;red water array &quot ;from the essence of nonane decane in Tibetan ,Tianyi Miao ,.
(Ming Xu Zhonglin Fengshen Kingdoms back in forty-fourth ) ten :Show ingenuity ingenuity: ingenious mind. The skill and art is out of the ordinary ingenious idea .For example: the museum displays many ~ of Arts and crafts.
eleven :is willing to learning or status than his low people to study ,and not feel feel shy .Example: in the study, we must have the spirit of ~ . Twelve :medicine :treatment of incurable disease is too heavy to medicate degree.
Metaphor has arrived irretrievable .Example: doubt and suspicion ,it has become their ~ root out ?( Zheng Zhenduo Gui Gong Tong fourteen) thirteen :the original mysterious incredible meaning means is more than imagined ,difficult to understand e.
g: a clear blue sky ,advanced too .( Guo Moruo youth ,black cat ) fourteen lose self-control :: stop .Unable to control themselves, the excitement has settled down. Example: Tang Lu send Pei on the book :&quot ;generously and chanting and others ,poor relatives from cry ,because pay we lose self-control ,.
&quot ; fifteen refuse to be cowed or submit :Metaphor in pressure and unyielding before ,very tenacious .Example: hundred years ,our ancestors had with domestic and foreign reactionary forces in the ~ of struggle sixteen :refers to the casual visitor .
No invitation to sudden guests. Example: so out of the blue ~ ,is being affected by the real sincerely and earnestly welcome. ( Guo Moruo Haitao set astride East Sea ) seventeen disdained to argue :no words can say .
Example: like Such things ,certainly disdained to argue . eighteen it is self-evident :don talk can understand. Describe obvious .For example: you think they friends ,be ~ .( see Liu E sequel the travels first ) nineteen :no prior agreement by mutual agreement .
:Marshal Luan book ,~ ,and also towards the door ,in the midst of Xu Tong lead soldiers arrived. (Ming Feng Menglong Zhou Zhi fifty-ninth ) twenty hundred-percent :no discount, full ,full meaning.
For example: today and men as honorable ~ !( Lao She salesgirl the second act ) twenty-one :speak one freely to say that out .For example: there is also a disadvantage ,is a teacher ,too scruples ;Professor Professor shelf ,not ~.
( Lu Xun just set ,read a Book Talk ) twenty-two :heavy traffic car like water ,the horse Xiangyou dragon described with many horses ,continuous lively scene .Example: lead a gay one ,noisy endlessly, ~ ,with no time to spare .
( clear ,his twenty years have witnessed a strange situation twenty-three the first time ) :described as one wishes to ones content ,the development of things right .Example: the Guizhou ,very bitter at the barren ,hill ,is a fine little rain ,eat ,wear ,use ,no can .
twenty-four :link to undertake the front ,start later. That inherits the predecessor undertakings, for future generations to open the way for youth :to attack .It was more than the old ,more especially when ,because they are the bridge ,countries must continued ,all on their shoulders .
( Lu Xun two one one) twenty-five :a matter of conscience to describe very genuine and sincere .Example: far ~ here ,is there not to call you to see the real Buddha to go ( see Cao Xueqin ?a dream of Red Mansions sixth ) twenty-six be moved by what one sees :by sight scenery touches ,caused Lenovo ,produce certain emotions.
Example: people in the time ,can associate with many events . twenty-seven :if the lips are gone the lips are gone ,the teeth will be cold .Metaphor interest close to .Example: the two firms have a variety of business relationship ,is the so-called .
twenty-eight is gorgeous vernal scenery :sunny ,bright beautiful scenery .Example: today the weather is really gorgeous vernal scenery ! twenty-nine :if the spring blossom ,autumn results .
Metaphor literary and virtue .Now also the analogy learning achievements. For example: ~ ,not the strong spring wind ,where will have the good harvest ?( company autumn Fu ) thirty :when fully deserve some titles or honors ,do not feel ashamed .
Example: your father ,Qing Shen Qin three word ,can .( Palace of high volume) thirty-one :hearsay recently came-by ,road spreading the word .A groundless rumor. Example: sister ~ ,I do not know whether ?Still seek instruction.
( see Li Ruzhen mirror back in fifty-third ) thirty-two :interest for the loss outweighs the gain. Not for the loss .Example: Rao Hongsheng in the essence of Xuan although dozens of pieces of money ,in paradise fall see a classic ,not ~ .
( see Li Baojia civilization of fifty-third ) thirty-three :constant dripping wears away a stone. Water continues to drip ,can come as long as stone .Metaphor perseverance ,continuous efforts ,things are sure of success.
For example: the students in their learning ,should have the spirit. thirty-four ~ broken walls :building is destroyed serious .Example: now this building was broken walls . thirty-five :timely appropriate storm weather .
Describe storms for farming .Example: after peace ,~ ,a bumper grain harvest ,Kangfu characters ,it is in the world. ( see Water Margin Chen Chen after fortieth ) thirty-six :jackknife of ridges and peaks around the mountain ,the path winds along mountain ridges.
Meandering scenic spots .Describe the path tortuous complex. Example: the song Ou Yangxiu Ouyang Wenzhong character set

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