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[original] some year some month bright green, red

Sometimes the flowers, the fragrance was missed, only hush sigh, not sad. Last night night difficult sleep, wine drinking a cup and a cup, but drink more and more excited. Counting hours to live, with a personal message,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, and an hour,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com, one hour, day to light penetration.
At daybreak he slept, very short. Also had a dream. Dream of the rain, the yellow, the boundless dark sky far reflected come from afar. The dream I want to do,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, just tell people that day to shine through, how will it rain? Wake at dawn.
. well, funnyman. No rain. To say is, present weather, is under the snow, too. Hey. Open the balcony door, only to find that the house was full of the smell of wine. Now that can't sleep, simply do not sleep.
Wash hair sweep, the life must follow the prescribed order. I call, tell the survival difficult, the sound is so old, it makes people feel sad. Not afraid, as long as you have me, you fear nothing. I say this so heroic Yun Gan be in the right and self-confident, like how I can rely on people.
Hang up the phone will laugh at yourself, you have nothing, nothing at all, what can say? Then he answered, yes,The eight is the most successful female star face, I have only bare necessities at home aNo is very lucky, I was young, life can not be guaranteed, how do you know I haven't the ability? Then a little happy.
Tim makeup mirror, just casually, because of the alcohol,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, also don't blush. My parcel post office said, oh, come from Zhejiang. Beibei surprise, PL cross-stitch. Saying they pull is stronger than me, I ah, I live in the moment, or put the old society the catch needle can't hold line woman probably could not marry, ha.
For tea sister sent a few text messages, mobile phone is out of money. Well, saying these days every 20 calls, is moving out of kindness, I really want to find people to talk, no matter say anything, the Martians,Yu Dan's view of marriage is very reliable woman want to have a look, UFO, everything.
It is BT not light. So they kept telephone messages. Jiang MM phone do not know why always off, playing a lot of times. The evening out, found snow, is not small. Actually snow. I frowned, but unable to shake off the snow in my heart.
To the blog change the subject. The absolute black, let me so quiet and calm. No speak sugared words, no temptation blue his fantasy. With a black evening dress, appear in theCentury a dinner party. People humble and polite, care for each other, and do not interfere with each other, can sit in the corner quietly listen to young talented artists to play orchestral fantasy house.
Overthrown in an instant, they flee. I hold your hand, I forbid you to run away. I said, hush, be quiet this world is so noisy,, I as long as you smile, I forbid you to run away. Fantasy youngforever, side is your bones.
I said,Adidas Porsche Design, hush, be quiet, you these weeds, insects, you not to call you every night,Nucleic acid extraction based, wake him up, he would run away. I let him escape. SOPHIA, take me to your heart, take me to your heaven, my hands. The memory deep in my heart will be reduced to fragments of sound the ultimate luxury feelings funeral.
In the years abyss, all to dust, whisk Lightly sweep, not press. The sun in how many billion years later disappeared from the world? This is false as future, young arrogant. Some year some month, with bright green.

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